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August 21-25

Happy Eclipse Day!


Today we kicked off our fundraiser.  This is currently slated to be the only fundraiser for the year.  Orders and funds are due to the orchestra office on September 5th.  There is also an online store available for you to make purchases from by going to  Follow the directions below to shop and benefit a specific student:

  1. Click “Shop Now”
  2. Enter the number “1406750” for our online ID
  3. Enter the name of the student you are shopping to support

When shopping online, orders over $60 receive free shipping.  There are no shipping charges when ordering directly through a student on the order form.

Important Upcoming Dates

August 23-Chamber orchestra volunteers rehearse at First Christian Church of Mableton

August 24-Honor Orchestra auditions at Walton HS (registered students only)

August 27-Chamber orchestra volunteers perform for Sunday services at First Christian Church of Mableton

September 5-Fundraising orders and money due to the orchestra office

September 12-Order Forms are due/All-state registration deadline (interested students only-$25)


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April 24-May 2nd

Students wishing to apply for the Laurel Ridge Music Camp Scholarship need to turn in their forms by April 29th.  See the attachment “Spring Concert Info” for more details.

May 1st-all orchestra students have after school rehearsal until 5:30 to prepare for our spring concert.

May 2nd – Spring Orchestra Concert and Awards Ceremony!!!

HELP!!!!!  We need some parent volunteers who might be willing to set-up/serve dinner, as well as pick up our pizza from Little Caesar’s on Floyd Road.  Pizza is ready for pick-up around 5:10, and dinner starts at 5:30.  If you can help, please contact Mrs. Litowich (404-574-0255)

Spring Concert Info

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March 20-24

Monday-Students on the VA trip are asked to stay after school until 5:00 to work together on their trip music.  It is a competition, and it turns out we are competing against my best friend.  They will not take it easy on us, and we certainly will not take it easy on them!

Tuesday-Mandatory meeting for ALL VA trip students an their parent/guardian.  As per your paperwork at the beginning of the year, attending this meeting is required to go on the trip.

Playing tests-Now that we are in to our new music, playing tests will resume in class.  Tests will be unannounced.  Students should be practicing all their music at all times.  Test scores may be changed by retaking the test, before or after school, as many times as desired prior to May 15th.

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back from Winter Break.  I hope all our orchestra families had a relaxing, but fun week.  A couple reminders below…

Going to Virginia?  Last payment is due next week in the amount of $83.00.  Please review the information about paying on time.

Practice charts are due on Mondays, and are worth 10% of the overall orchestra grade.  Individual, at home practice, is the difference between an A and a B in orchestra.

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Help Needed!

We are in need of some help over the next two weeks.  Please contact Mrs. Litowich at if you are able to help us out.

2-6-17      Any parent(s) willing to pick up pizza at 5:00 from Little Caesar’s and set-up dinner while the orchestra rehearses?

2-14-17   Chaperone needed for our LGPE trip to Lassiter HS.  We would need you from 12:00 pm-5:30pm (Concert Orchestra)

2-15-17   Chaperone needed for our LGPE trip to Lassiter HS.  We would need you from 11:00 pm -4:30 (Symphony and Chamber Orchestra combined)



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January 17-20


LGPE is around the corner.  Please make sure you are practicing.

After school rehearsals this week for Chamber and Symphony Orchestra:

Tuesday: Cellos until 5:00 pm

Wednesday: Bass until 5:00 pm

Thursday: Violas until 5:00 pm

Friday: 1st violin until 5:00 pm

Can you be a chaperone?

Concert Orchestra LGPE 12:30-5:30pm February 14th

Symphony/Chamber Orchestra LGPE 11:30-4:30 February 15th


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Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a restorative break.  We are now heading into our LGPE season.  This is our most important concert of the year.  For those not familiar with this yearly event, LGPE stands for Large Group Performance Evaluation.  During this concert, performed at Lassiter High School, we will be evaluated by a panel of judges who will determine our performance level for the year.  It is therefore, very important that everyone practices their music daily, and attend any after school rehearsals.  Speaking of after school rehearsals….please visit our google calendar, available through our website, for a list of those rehearsals.  If everyone practice well enough at home, and contributes fully during class, it is possible that we might be able to cancel some of them.  As of right now, only students in the Chamber and Symphony Orchestras will be needing to stay after school.

February 14th-Concert Orchestra 12:30-4pm (1 chaperone needed)

February 15th-Symphony/Chamber Orchestra 11:30am-4 pm (2 chaperones needed)

Playing tests over the LGPE music will be administered weekly.

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December 5-End of Semester

Hello Orchestra Family!  Everything below is extremely important as we head to the end of the semester.

  1.  HELP-can you sew?  If you can, please contact Mrs. Litowich.  We still have some dresses that need hemming for our concert.
  2. CONCERT IS DEC. 12th!  Please make sure all students have their uniforms clean and ready to go.  Students will stay after school Monday for dress rehearsal, dinner, and concert.  Please consult the handbook (packet from the beginning of the year, also found on the website) for grading and attendance policies concerning concerts.
  3. December 12th– If you are able to help serve dinner at 5:30 your help would be greatly appreciated!  Please let Mrs. Litowich know.  Things are a lot easier on concert day when we all pitch in together.
  4. December 7th is an after school rehearsal for Symphony and Chamber Orchestra students (non-freshmen).  We will finish promptly at 5:30, if not a couple minutes earlier.
  5. December 6th-this is the Lindley Middle School 8th Grade orchestra concert.  They are looking for students to help act as stage crew for the evening.  This is great community service.  If your child is working on a service award for graduation, this would get them 4 hours.  I will be there from 5-8:30.  Transportation not provided.
  6. December 8th-the Chamber Christmas Ensemble will be performing at Compton Elementary from 6-8:30.  If its possible to pick up your student at the elementary school it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. December 8th-want more community service?  Its 7th grade fine arts night at Lindley Middle School and they are looking for another stage crew to run the evening.  I will not be in attendance that this event since the Christmas Ensemble is performing at Compton Elementary, but the fine arts teachers at Lindley will be there to help supervise.  5:00-8:30.  4 hours of community service given.
  8. December 8th-is the last day to retake a playing test to change your seat for the concert.
  9. December 16th is the last day to retake a playing test, or redo any written assignment to try and boost your grade.  Fixing practice charts or participation grades are not possible.
  10. December 15chaperone needed to go with us to Lindley Middle School!  This is for our recruitment concert.  I technically just need one other adult to go with us since we have more than 25 students going.  The students are going to do a quick concert followed by a dessert social to encourage the 8th grade students to join the PHS Orchestra Family.  Please contact Mrs. Litowich if you can tag along from 9:30-11:30.  You don’t even have to ride the bus.  You can drive behind us in your own car.   🙂
  11. Final Exams are December 20th and 21st.  This will consist of a written exam.  The large playing final exam occurs in the spring.

Mrs. Litowich      or


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November 28-December 2nd

Virginia Trip Payments are due Nov. 30th ($84)

Chamber Orchestra Christmas Quartet:

Dec. 3rd Mable House and Smyrna Library Performances

Dec. 8th Compton Elementary School Performance


After school rehearsal Dec. 7th until 5:30 in preparation for our concert December 12


Concert: Dec. 12th followed by a dessert reception

Students will stay after school, and should come with their uniforms.

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November 14-18

We are getting closer to concert time!

Dec. 3-select members of the chamber orchestra will perform for the annual Smyrna Public Library Christmas Party from 6:30-8:30

Dec. 12-PHS Orchestra Winter Concert followed by dessert reception courtesy of First Christian Church of Mableton!

Do you sew?  We need some sewing volunteers to hem the freshmen’s dresses.  Please let me know if you are able to help us!

Need community service?  Lindley 7/8 needs volunteers to work with their students from 4:30-5:30 after school.


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